Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yikes, Yikes and Triple Yikes!  The time is approaching for my trip to Scottsdale Artist School.  Am I ready?  Am I prepared?  No!  Will I ever be?  Doubtfully I will never be, but I plan to cinch myself up, load the hatchback and go when the time comes.

When I confessed to Yoda I was nervous and afraid of embarrassing myself out there he replied, "Sister, you should be nervous.  I would be nervous if I was going there!"  Not the reassuring words I was hoping for from my instructor, but brutal honesty and I guess that's okay.

This trip to Scottsdale is to focus on still life paintings and portraits of models with some of the best artist in the nation.  Each day I paint, because the old adage is very true, practice does make perfect.  Well certainly not perfect in my case, but it makes me better.  Since I don't have a model in my studio posing for me on a regular basis, I have been trying to get there thru photos.  Below is a portrait I did of my grandson.  The first portrait is from a photo taken by Shannon Walton Photography at who graciously allowed me to publish it here on my blog.  The others are from black and white snapshots.


Carnival Boy


Long way to go, but better than I was.  Now, if these dang dogs would just pose for me!