Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vasari Paints...Like Butter, Only Priced Like Gold!

If you are dressing up for Halloween as a bank robber, can I borrow your costume?  I am going to need it!!  Today I received the supply list for my workshop coming up in January and I completely am aghast!  Just the paints alone and I do mean alone, added up to over $400!  I will blog later about the remainder of the 5 PAGE list of supplies that are required.  Tonight all I can handle are the paints.

Now, I get it, these paints are FINE examples of quality.  However, until 24 hours ago, I was an innocent, free from worry and ignorant that I was painting with poor quality and pigment insufficient paints.  Before this the word insufficient for me only was associated with the lack of funds in bank!  If am able to collect these supplies, that is what my bank will be saying to me very soon!  Now a new word has entered my vocabulary....VASARI

The website touts that they make their own paints in small batches from carefully selected pigments.  They even fill each tube by hand.  (Sounds like it is something that should say, "Carefully done by artist virgins with pure hands." I'm just saying.)

Expect the paint that glows from across the room, fiery, gemlike color emitting its own lights as it sets your work apart from all the other, each and every time.  Experience the effortless magic of Vasari Classic Artist' Oil Colors in your brush or on your pallet...and let your best painting, and your masterworks, begin.  

Okay, here is where I would add, let starvation begin as well because you are going to have to charge hundreds of dollars for every painting. 

Sorry for my rant dear readers.  What have I got myself in to?  We are expected to buy the supplies like the Old Masters used.  Where is my art patron??  Aye, Aye, Aye.