Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

Today was a really cool day for an old girl learning new tricks.  Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new ones after all?  Well, maybe not new ones, but learning how to get better at my skill and promote my art to others.  This is a journey and I am happy to share it.

The day started out with dealing with the Oklahoma Tax Commission about the collection of taxes on my paintings.  Not fun, but good to have to deal with since I have had sales.  Then on to an art class I always look forward to.  This class is with Yoda, my instructor who now tells me he does not want me referring to him as Yoda anymore.  He prefers to be called, "The Dos Equis Man."  (The Real one is in this photo.)  He is some commercial character supposed to be the world's most perfect man.  By the way Yoda has a real sense of humor!

Okay, whatever....Dos Equis (formerly known as Yoda,) was able to help me solve some issues I was having with a painting that had been driving me crazy for days. So worth the 18 miles I drive to this class!  His critique of my work helped me instantly see where I was falling short and get on with it.  For his help I was very grateful and makes me realize how much more there is to learn.



After class, I had my first meeting with the representative of a downtown artzy type restaurant that will showcasing my work for the next few months.  It was nerve wracking to follow up with this meeting, because my confidence is not there yet.  However, she really loved my work and took more paintings than she normally does.  More to come later on that story.

Then to cap off the day, I sold another painting on DailyPaintWorks.com.

So as I told Yoda, I mean Dos Equis, my family is the true cause of all this attention.  My husband is the best Agent you could have.  He worked out this meeting with the restaurant, made them known of my work, helped me for two hours prepare the paintings, frame the paintings and load the car, and took off work to go with me to the meeting.   My son helped me set up my studio this summer, work out details of where things would go, find the best lighting, figure out how to make my blog and website work.  My daughter is the best IT department any business ever had.  She has created the LindaDunbarFineArt Facebook page, set me up an Etsy online store and set me up a gallery with DailyPaintWorks.  Plus, she is researching other venues to sell my art in licensing projects.  Hours of reading and research that frees me up to actually do what I feel called to do....Paint!