Monday, October 7, 2013

Get To Snapping...New Challenge Is Official Launched!

These give-aways are so much fun and I cannot help but try once more!  Get to share the art, or artfully share your skills with me.

As viewers of my blog already know this time it is a photo challenge.  Submit your favorite photo that you think would make a great painting to me, and a pic will be selected to win.  It could be anything old or new.  Landscapes, vacation photos, funny people, pets, pretty sunsets, flowers, bugs, street scenes, babies, and who know what else?  It is all good and I want to see them.  One winner will chosen to win a painting from me.  The prize has yet to be determined.  Thinking about giving away a winner's choice this time.

The rules are:

One photo submission per day by email or by Facebook.

Submit your favorite photos that showcase something you think would make a beautiful painting.

Finalist will be selected based on creativity, clarity, color and how well the photo can become art.

Send photos to  or post on  or

All rights to publish or display the photos are given at the time of submission to LindaDunbarArt.

So get out your cameras or get out your photo albums and show me what ya got!

Two photos below have already been submitted and I love them!  Keep them coming.