Thursday, October 10, 2013

Announcing The Prize for the Best Photo!

Don't know about everyone else, but I really love winning a prize.  Just finished the newest painting and was ready to put it up for auction when I decided, "Hey, let this one be my prize for the winning photo contest."

This is a painting that I would love to keep myself.  It is an 8X10 inch landscape titled, "The Fall Wheat Harvest."  I could sell this painting, but I want to make it worth your while to enter my photo contest.  This is the nicest prize I have offered yet.  To make the deal even sweeter...I am having it framed and will ship it to the winner.

Thick fresh paint in vivid colors.  This one will look good on any wall in any room.

Now, we need entries to make this a fun contest.  So please share this on your Facebook page.
An impartial art person will be chosen to do the judging

The rules are:

One photo submission per day by email or by Facebook.

Submit your favorite photos that showcase something you think would make a beautiful painting.

Finalist will be selected based on creativity, clarity, color and how well the photo can become art.

Send photos to  or post on  or

All rights to publish or display the photos are given at the time of submission to LindaDunbarArt.

And here is the prize...