Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They Call it ArtWork for a Reason....It's a Challenge!

Me...I love a good competition and art challenges offer that with little to no cost.  Recently I joined DailyPaintWorks.com as a venue to sell my work.  They offer many other fun things for artist besides just the gallery aspect.  One thing is a weekly painting challenge.  This week's challenge posted a photo of leaves and the instructions said you could use it to inspire you to paint the photo or some other fall painting.  I loved the photo so much, I wanted to try to create my version of it in paint and here are the results.

The Daily Paint Works Challenge Photo

My Version Submitted for the Challenge.

The fun thing is that there are lots of challenges out there for artist to enter and get a little feedback.  They inspire you to paint more on a daily basis and produce work that you then can compare to your peers as they paint the same subject.  Try to find a challenge that works for you and if you are not an artist, take a little time to view the works of art submitted in the challenge and maybe even take a moment to comment on one you like.  You might find you enjoy it and artist really appreciate all input!

Here are a few of the many challenges out there.  Now go create!!