Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winning Photo Will Now Become a Painting

This is the photo our readers choose to win the Linda Dunbar Art Photo Contest.

Hoping I can do justice to this great photo.  Submitted by Sarah Flowers it is a truly wonderful image.  Excited to give it a try as inspiration for my brush.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Are Never Too...

Recently, four very sweet men who are a part of Yoda's many art classes, celebrated their artist flair with an art show at The Pallet Restaurant in Tulsa.  They called it, "The Four Amigos," and a large crowd attended to view their art, sip wine and enjoy hors dourness.  These four characters are so much fun to get to paint along with and enjoy their friendship as well as talents.

For this middle aged, well maybe middle aged and then some, it is a real breath of fresh air to know that you can enjoy your passion well into the retirement years.  These guys have been best buddies for years, even a couple of them went to the same elementary school together.  Imagine how fun it is for those of us so lucky to listen as they reminise about girls and all the fun of their childhood many years ago.

Today, one of my favorites asked me to tell him about my iPhone because he wants to learn to email from a phone and have the capability to send photos to friends.  D.P. is well up there in years and I love it that he wants to learn and has the bravery to explore the technology out there.  So, today I salute you D.P. and your journey, as well as the witness you are to the rest of us, who only pray to smile as bright and live as well as you.  You are an inspiration as well as a TRUE artist!  BRAVO!!

D.P. and Yoda (Ross Myers)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oklahoma Society of Impressionist

Let me go on record as saying I thoroughly enjoy painting at the Carriage House of the Tulsa Rose Center.

Thank you to Gil Adams for hosting us there!

  Oklahoma Society of Impressionists

The Carriage House

Derek Penix is a local star in art here in Tulsa as well as around the country, and a member of the select group The Oklahoma Society of Impressionist.  


Derek Penix

 He is a young talented artist who will be teaching workshops all over the country next year, so I am privileged to be able to attend in my own town. Students traveled from far away to attend.  One even came from Montreal, Canada to spend time with this artist and learn his technique.   I leave these workshops with a deflated feeling each time, but still come away with more new  knowledge than my head can contain.  If only, I think each time.  Will I have be good enough to enter a competition and be noticed?  Art is work, I keep reminding myself.

Giles, our new friend from Canada.

Other than a chance to spend time in a professional artist studio, the thing I liked best was the time that Derek spent just chatting with us and sharing a lot of his own personal views and perspectives.  He invested several hours doing that this time and it helps me to gain a more realistic view about the future of my goals.  He stressed to paint a lot, and by that a lot EACH day.  Three paintings each day.  Spend time with your craft if you want to improve and it certainly makes sense.  He also stressed, stop working to please others and painting what you think they want to see.  Paint what you want and paint a lot of it!  Let go of ego, and the need to be accepted for your work.  Work for the work, not for the praise.  Good advice for me.  

With all this in mind, I am setting new goals for myself. Since I studied under him last I have made it a point to do something for my craft every single day.  If I could not get to the studio, I read art history or watched painting videos.  In three weeks from now I am planning to begin painting three paintings a day.  Simple ones as Derek advised for three months.  Look out because when you pass my house, paint will be flying!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Workshop With Artist Kelli Folsom

Last week, despite the cold I have been battling, I was proud to be included in a workshop held by Oklahoma artist, Kelli Folsom.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Lyme, Connecticut.

Kelli's Painting, "Afternoon Chrysanthemums" is a finalist in this years THE ARTIST Magazine's Annual Art Competition and also a finalist in SOUTHWEST ART Magazine's "Artistic Excellence Competition.  Great honors in the art field.  

This is my second time to study under Kelli and each time I come away with incredible amounts of knowledge that helps me to improve my work as an artist and continue my study of impressionism.  

Not to mention a beautiful painting she gifted to me and a painting I accomplished on my own, both I will share at a later date.

Thank you Kelli for your willingness to share and teach the rest of us in our quest.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vote for Your Favorites!

Attention @Linda Dunbar Fine Art FB Fans! Help me choose a winner for the photo contest. Please like your favorite photo. The image with the most likes on Facebook, wins an original oil painting! Encourage your friends to like @Linda Dunbar Fine Art and like your photo to win! 

The image with the most likes wins an original oil painting inspired by their photo or the painting below.  Winner's choice.

Fifteen photos were selected by a team of 4 judges.  Now, it is up to the viewers and you can campaign to win!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You Are Invited!

You are invited to view the gallery of art by the artist from Alpha Rho Tau, this month at TCC Southeast Campus.  I have three paintings on display in the Student Union and would be happy to see you there.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And The Winner Is???

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  I always did want to say that…

The truth is, this contest could not have been more difficult to choose a winner had we set it up for failure.  Each entry was unique in its own way and I enjoyed them all.  To me, they are all winners.

Some entries were fabulous photos, and even though they may not be the best for a painting, who am I to say?  We all know my choices in compositions are not always spot on.  They received reviews in all categories and were really admired for different things.

A group of fellow artist, chosen by me, poured over the photos to lend a hand at choosing a winner. What I did not count on was that not one of my peers (judges) choose the same photo.  So I narrowed it down to 15 photos and even then still no one choose the same one as their top choice.  Not even for their second choice!  An interesting dilemma to be sure.

So, who gets the painting?

We considered a drawing, but that seemed a little unfair to randomly select a name.  Then it was suggested to me to let my viewers decide, and that is what we are going to do.

The top 15 photos selected will be posted online soon and the image with the most likes wins!  
To make it even better, you have your choice of prizes this time.  

You may choose the framed painting offered in the contest as before, as seen below.

 Or you may choose a canvas giclee inspired by your winning photo!


The image with the most Facebook "likes" will be the winner.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sold! Another One Lives on in Someone's Home!

Thank you to The Rusty Crane Restaurant in the Brady Arts District, Downtown Tulsa.  They sold my painting titled, "The Leaves."

It's a boost to my spirit when I sell a painting and there six more on exhibit there.  Thank you to the man, whoever you are who purchased my painting.  This artist is very grateful.