Friday, October 4, 2013

New Challenge For Facebook!

Aren't you lucky??  Well, as faithful followers of my blog I am going to let you in on the next giveaway.  This time it is a photo challenge.  It has been made pretty clear on my blog and on my other social media outlets that I stink at composition and photography.

People send me photos off the internet all the time, but they are copy protected and I need originals.  So my solution is to trade a painting for the winning photo.  Not sure what the prize will be yet.  That is still to be determined.

The rules will be:

One photo submission per day by email or by Facebook.

Submit your favorite photos that showcase something you think would make a beautiful painting.

Finalist will be selected based on creativity, clarity, color and how well the photo can become art.

Can't wait to see your photos and what you suggest I could paint.  Oh and it does not have to be a recent one either.