Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday?

Recently I was told about "Wordless Wednesday" for bloggers.  On Wednesday you can apparently post just a photo or two with nothing to say.  I learned about this last Thursday and have been looking forward to it ever since.  Now that it is here, the photos I want to post seem to me to need a few words. So, I will try to make this "Not So Wordy Wednesday" instead.

Found this photo of a boy carnival worker from the 1930s and fell in love with it.  Just knew he needed to be painted, so today I did an Alla Prima session.  Alla Prima is Italian for all in one session, loosely translated.  Painted him this afternoon.

 The photo has a very large snake coiled around his neck and did not paint that even though, I think the snake makes him cool.  Not sure, but I may go back and add his pet at a later date.  He is still so wet, he was hard to photograph without a shiny glare.

So what do you think?  Snake or no Snake?  I am taking a poll.....Help me out.