Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sinbadd, A Beloved Dog...

Recently I was contacted by someone who had a much loved dog that was not in good health, but they wanted to have him memorialized on canvas.  The sweetest husband wanted nothing more than to surprise his pregnant wife with a painting of her companion.  In order to surprise her, he did not have access to a bunch of photos, and took a snapshot of the photo posted on their refrigerator.   That is not the best way to start a painting, but I really wanted to make it happen for him.

Soon into the painting process I was when Sinbadd took a turn for the worse and had to be put down.  Anyone who has been pregnant, had a pregnant wife, or known a pregnant person, knows how emotions are escalated by hormones and this husband wanted to make things better for his wife.


You can rush some paintings, but a beloved pet requires some hours to capture their expressions and their color.  It can be tricky to paint a pet that you never met and has unique character.

Sinbadd went with me to any place I might have a chance to add to his painting.  He was critiqued and loved by lots of other artist.  Finally he was finished and ready to deliver to his master's.  Even though the dog Sinbadd is no longer with them.  I hope Lane and Charity will always love the painted image I created of him.