Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Injection of Confidence!

Today was a day that felt as good as getting a shot of vitamins in the arm.  A full day long with my art group just energizes me to face the week, and for that matter the world!

When you angst over a thing you are working on, whether it is a paper you are trying to write, a project you are trying to complete, or a painting you are trying to paint, it is good to meet with peers and get their input to help you make it over that hurdle.  Today was that kind of day for me.  It is fun catching up with them and checking out what they are working on.  Seeing their technique and listening to the instruction given to them by our teacher is helpful for me too.  You can learn a lot that way.

I started two new paintings, one of turkeys.  Guess I confess I might have been hungry for turkey, but thought it would be interesting to paint.  Yoda thought so too.  He pointed out there are hundreds of paintings of chickens but rarely any of turkeys.  That made me laugh, but actually I was thinking of decor for Thanksgiving.  A painting for me is an easy way to spruce up the decorations before the holiday company arrives.

With the same thought process, I started one of pumpkins.  Fall is in the air and I am feeling it.  Stay tuned later for photos of these paintings and maybe you will give me your critique of them.