Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Art in the Square...SOLD!

Utica Square is about as "High End" as it gets for shopping in Tulsa.  A gorgeous setting for some of the nicest of stores, and each year in the fall they promote local artist with a show to sell paintings and other art.  Today was a beautiful crisp fall day and it brought out lots of artist and shoppers alike.

As a member of Alpha Rho Tau a Civic Group of Artist, I was able to show 3 of my pieces of work and sell two out of three! Hooray!!  That's three paintings sold this week, one on Daily Painting Works.  Makes me feel so accomplished and even better, means an order of new paints is going in on Monday!  Yippee!!

These are dear painting friends who were also selling or shopping today.  They are a wonderful support group, who encourage each other and work hard to promote art in Tulsa.  Each of them are in a painting class with me.  There are so many more who should be in this photo. Our booth was right outside The Wild Fork restaurant, and let say the food smells were amazing.  Sell or no Sale, it was a fun day.