Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sticks and Stones can Really Mess You Up, So Can Some Critics!

Recently I saw an article about famous quotes on artist' works by other famous artist.  I mean really!  These were some mean old passive aggressive comments that really took the skin off of you.

Art is very subjective, but unspoken praise is really criticism.  The people in my various art groups are mostly supportive of each other.  They are encouraging and usually like to invite others to join in and be successful.  Of course there are a few objections to that statement, but for the most part they are all great.

This does not mean that criticism can be all bad.  Sometimes I need to hear it in order to get better.  A teacher once told me he would rather be ripped to shreds in criticism than to have no comments at all.  It stings for a day or two, but once you take a deep breath it usually motivates improvement.

When researching the critics of famous artist, I was astounded by the wounds they must have caused their fellow painters with what seemed to be obvious jealousy.  It was almost funny to read them.  Here are a few.

Edgar Degas on Georges-Pierre Seurat:
"I wouldn't have noticed it except that it was so big."

Marc Chagall on Pablo Picasso:
"What a genius, that Picasso...It's a pity he doesn't paint."

Pierre-Auguste Renoir on Leonardo da Vinci:
"He bores me.  He ought to have stuck to his flying machines."

To me as a humble budding artist, trying to learn. and learning to promote and sell, it seems like they were possibly jealous of success or money?  Who knows, but this is my favorite quote on art:

Money is something that can be measured; art is not.  It's all subjective.
Jerry Saltz