Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Days!

 When September rolls around, it is time for back to school.  Mothers and Dads line up in the school supply aisles at chain stores searching for the must have items as if they were participating in a million dollar prize scavenger hunt and their child will be taken from them by the government if they don't find the exact item on the much revered list.  Kids get drug to the hair stylist to make the best of those summer sun bleached heads and masses of tangles that did not seem to matter much until now.  And for those fortunate enough to go to art classes,  even a new tube of paint and a fresh canvas or two surfaces on the scene.  I fit into the last category.  My days of scouring for the just right notebook, pens and markers have passed me by and no one really cares what my hair looks like.

The beginning of the new semester offers hope of creating the painting that will one day make you famous or infamous, either will do.  The likelihood of that is far less greater than the odds of winning a multi million dollar jackpot.  Yet, we are driven as artist to improve, so off we go to classes and schools with hope and angst on our side to drive us to create our newest masterpiece.  One that will probably end up in someone's closet or even worse in someone's garage sale.  Sigh...

However, back to class we go and we are happy to be there.  Tuition is paid, art boxes full and ideas are flowing amongst us.  As for me, I have been taking now for two years and only beginning to feel I have a beginning understanding of the basics.  My father in law, who cannot be called a supporter of the arts, but more finds the whole process extremely curious, once asked me, "You are still going to art classes?  When do you think you will graduate?"  How could I answer that, but laugh?  It didn't take me long to learn, NEVER.  There are artist in my classes that have studied for 18 years and some that just started today.

We are all excited to renew friendships and begin a new project.  Easels ready for the weight of fresh paint and not so steady hands.

A stack of unclaimed and unfinished canvas' line floor waiting to be found by their rightful owner or covered in gesso and repainted with a fresh start by an artist not willing or able to buy a new one.

New wet projects line the walls waiting for the next class period where they will be slaved over and hopefully admired by others.  Maybe if you are really lucky, even sold.