Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Rose Is A Rose or Apparently Not a Rose! Who Knows??

This summer a Facebook friend posted this photo of a rose in a simple glass bowl and it really appealed to me because of the color and the fact I was interested in tackling painting glass.  

This was supposed to be a self confidence builder.  Not the kind of self confidence building exercises you go to the desert with a group of friends and a self proclaimed Guru guy who teaches you to trust yourself.  Nothing so Zen as that.

The plan was to learn a little, teach myself a little, create something beautiful and maybe sell a painting.  It really had such bright colors that I had never seen in such an old fashioned rose.  Old fashioned bowl...Old fashioned rose...Old fashioned composition, Old Fashioned me!  Seems like it could work.

Sat down at my easel and popped it right together in an afternoon.  Feeling pretty impressed with myself I sketched with my brush the image on a gallery edged canvas.

 The bowl came together pretty darn quickly and with a result that boosted me right up to that Guru Zen phase thing without a trip to the desert!


Even the rose looked pretty fresh to me and pretty.  Then I took my prize to the art critic and zap, snap, whip...He pointed out several things that I had not noticed.  Once again, after he showed them to me immediately I saw it too.  First, the background was a tan color.  Looks dirty.  Really?  Yes, really it does.  Change it to a blue grey.  Second, the petals of the flower will pop if you glaze them.  Really?  Yep, right again.  Darn those Guru types, they come in all professions and the Yoda of mine is an art teacher who is tough to please.  Well, maybe tough on the first attempt.  

Background blue grey, and yes it is better.  Below is after it was glazed and not sure how well it photographs here, but it is amazing how vivid it made the colors of that flower.  One point for the teacher!  Back to the drawing board, or rather easel for me!