Friday, September 27, 2013

Class is What You Are Made of, Not Where You Go...

This week was wonderful with two days spent painting with new and old friends and 'Yoda,' my instructor. His name is not Yoda, of course, but it is fun to refer to him as such.  It is so worth all the money to just have the time with such a fun group and getting instruction is the icing on the top. Not everyone there is in it as a profession, most are not. Not everyone who comes has the same degree of talent.  There are those that are novices and Yoda makes sure they stay on track and complete a painting.  Then there are true super stars Yoda calls his "Master Painters,"but we are all treated alike no matter what level you are. All ages are there and each person is so encouraging and helpful. We get out of our cars happy to be there and anxious to spend time together. For that I feel blessed and thank God for the opportunity to do something I love so much. To be able to use the talent He gave me in a way that potentially pleases others is just enough to make you feel joy in and of itself.  The people there are genius talented and create fantastic works.

Good grief this is beginning to sound like I am describing the show, "Big Bang Theory for Artist?!"  I must have swallowed some happy pill.  

The truth is that even though it may not be the most perfect setting and certainly not the best of locations, it is what it is and that my friends is good enough for me.