Friday, September 20, 2013

Sometimes You Hit A Wall...

Sometimes as an artist you get called upon to do less than spectacular paintings, but still rewarding work.  That is the case for me.

When I was in a kid in a very small East Texas school, word got around I could draw.  Anytime a teacher needed a poster or a drawing of some kind done, I was the best, or rather the only resource they had and clearly the easiest and cheapest choice.  Many a math class did I get rescued out of in order to draw a sketch or two for some project a teacher was working on.  At the time, I was more than glad to skip class, covered by teachers like the American Embassy covers for a covert mission in a foreign country.  They wrote me hall passes, sent messengers to escort me to their rooms and even sometimes I was traded like a star football player in the NFL.  Not that I was all that incredible, I was the only one who drew.  It was great!  That is until I went to college and realized I could not diagram a sentence and had no clue who that elusive X was in Algebra or how to figure it out.  I took two years of Spanish and only learned how to say, "I have thirst, I have hunger." Probably important phrases in a latin country but not enough to justify those A's I got on report cards.

Now, that I am older and wiser, I realize that even though I might have be a little lacking in my education, I use those practiced drawing and lettering skills far more often than I do geometry!  So hats off to those who brought me there and the confidence boosters they were back then.

Today, I painted a couple of quotes on my grandchildren's playroom walls using those early learned poster painting skills. Maybe my education is paying off after all!