Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pricing Art Work, and Where to Sell it?

As I am on this journey, making up for lost time and learning all the things about art I should know, but didn't begin learning till now, the question comes up...What do I do with all these paintings?

In the beginning, my goal was to create art and hopefully my family would enjoy it and treasure it with the knowledge that Linda put her heart and soul into this.  I have one painting that my Great Aunt Jessie painted over 55 years ago, and I would never part with it.  Now as I begin the third year of this journey, I realize I have to sell art to be able to continue the process.  Otherwise they are growing out of my house and into the garage.  They don't call artist poor and starving for no reason.  This is no light weight  hobby or profession by any means.

Recently we purchased new home insurance and they asked us to list our most valuable items, such as jewelry, golf clubs, antiques etc.  After we left we were having a conversation in the car about what to save in the case of a fire.  We all pondered what we should grab, other than the obvious family momentos and photographs.  My husband said he had a lot invested in golf clubs but then quickly said, "Everyone grab Mom's art supplies!  That's where the real money is!"  He may have been off handedly joking, but actually it is nothing but true.  Our money is highly invested in turning me into an artist.

So, with that in mind, I know I have to figure out a way to sell my work.  This is not easy for me at all. I cannot stand to ask money from people.  Even at my garage sales, I feel guilty taking money.  Now don't get me wrong, at the end of the day, no one is happier than I with the cash we earn, but I hide out in the house while my husband runs the sale.  With art it is more personal and you never really know what will appeal to the masses, let alone just one art buyer.  Otherwise, my home turns into a one woman museum.

The internet is great to strategize pricing of art.  Seems like a lot of pros price their work by the square inch.  One said $6.00 a square inch.  That person had more fame and years under their belt, so I have come to the conclusion I will set my price at $1.50 a square inch.  That would make a 10 X10 for example $150 unframed.  It is a starting point for now.

Now, comes the hard part....Where to sell?  There are a couple of shows coming up that I can put work in, and there are a few auction sites on the internet I may give a try.  Times are tough and no one has money.  Well, no one has money for art like they used to.  Say a prayer for me as I venture into this and pray most of all I can sell!  Cause this artist is in need of supplies!  Sigh...