Monday, September 9, 2013

Slow Down Girl and Focus!

There are so many things I want to try and paint and I can't seem to narrow down one genre to focus on.  There are still lifes and portraits, abstracts and landscapes and florals.  All of them calling my name to paint them.  No I do not hear voices and I have not lost it, yet...What I fear is that I am fickle and like the Crow, I am always attracted to a new shiny thing.  A friend asked me today, "What are you working on now?  She asked expecting me to give her one answer, but the truth is I have about 6 things going right now and about 5 more I hope to start this week.

I have a portrait of my friend Denise, who has her own ministry group that works with people in Ghana.  I am really inspired to paint this one and it is further along, but I don't have a more up to date version to show.

Here is that crazy tray and yellow calla lilly I blogged about earlier this month.  It is finally showing a little progress.  Note to self...I don't ever want to paint a long tray again.  Guess I at least know one thing I can eliminate from all my painting desires.

I am working on a portrait of my grandson, Weston.  I try to paint all my grandchildren as toddlers at some point.  That sounds like I have painted so many grandchildren, doesn't it?  So far he is number 2. Don't listen to me, I tend to exaggerate.   

Even thought I had finished this one, but took it for a critique and the suggestion was I needed to blue the background because it had dirty look to it and the flower would be nicer with a bright glaze on it.  So here is the blue gray background and I admit it is better and when it is completely dry I will glaze it

Another one I blogged about earlier, but now have something to show.  This is for all you Tulsans, Whittier Square, across from Zieglers.  

Just for fun, a read chair I saw in Michigan last year that just caught my eye and looked interesting.

Stay Tuned Dear Reader for finished results one day soon.  Tomorrow, I will share the things I want to start soon.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Melissa Robinson on winning the painting!  Hope you will love it. 

By the way I will be giving away another painting very soon.  Thank you to all who joined me and to those who have shared my blog on their facebook page.  I appreciate so much.