Friday, September 13, 2013

Just Say NO to Long Skinny Trays!

Finally!  Put a fork in it, it is done!  The long tray has been finished and I can pretty much guarantee you I will never paint a long skinny pewter tray again.  Not on purpose anyway.  However, after all the angst and wanting to literally break my brush, I will have to admit I am satisfied with the results.

Truthfully, another lesson about art and artist that I have learned is that they are never satisfied.  It has been written that famous artist have been known to tinker with a work they painted decades before.  One local artist who has won numerous awards refuses to hang his own work in his home.  He says he would not be able to look at it without wanting to change something on it all the time.

Here is my painting and I done!  Click on the photo to make it larger if you like.

I was most pleased with painting the reflection in the table.

 I will place this one in my studio gallery wall for few days and allow it time to dry before I varnish it.  Then alas, it too will be on the website for sale.  It will take with it some of my sweat and tears.  
Get over yourself, Linda! Too bad I don't have those emocticons on my blog because I need to insert a big old smiley face here.