Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finding the Right Frog to Kiss

If you kiss a toad he will turn into a prince.  Always I have loved Fairy Tales and okay I admit it, I did try to kiss a toad once or maybe even twice.  Apparently, I never ran across that right toad, because none of them turned into anything but toads. However,  I did wind up with a prince of a husband and he supports my art education attempts and schemes.  So when I say I need to find the right thing to paint and want to go looking for it, he says to me, "Get in the car." and off we go.

Still in search of the great photo that I can turn into a masterpiece, we spend half the weekend driving around looking for the "money" shot.  There are so many paintings I view weekly by reading blogs, websites, going to galleries and subscribing to at least five art magazines.  Packed with so many paintings that are just remarkable and usually make me say, "Why didn't I think of that!"  Since I don't want to steal someone else's idea, off we go on our photography hunt.  No lie, we took about 700 photos of various things and not one of them am I dying to paint.  Each day I get several emails of "Big Name Star Artist," who show off their work in daily blogs.  The trend these days really seems to be that they are painting everyday things like plain white houses, shiny cars, pickup trucks, shoes, funny odd people, glassware and kitchen items.  Where is the best place to photo things like that?  The flea market, of course.  We took off to probably one of the scariest flea markets I have ever seen but still I am searching for the right photo.  You be the judge.....