Friday, August 16, 2013

Still Life Stands or Sits, Your Choice

I love Derek Penix for his beautiful art and also for how generous he shares information.  He shared this neat trick for creating a still life setup, and with the help of my husband, we took it to another level.  Derek shared the fact that you buy 'speaker' stands on Amazon for very inexpensive prices that are a high quality and perfect for your own personal adjustable height 'still life' table.  They are meant for elevating music speakers for concerts and other things.  The stand and the mount, you buy separately on Amazon, sell for under $30.  For the top, we used an end table we bought from The Salvation Army Store.  My husband took it apart and mounted it on the stand.  For me it made a beautiful reflective surface to place my items for painting.  You pros out there will probably find flaws in this set up, but for me in my journey to learn about composition, it has helped bunches!  If you put a bar stool beside it, get yourself a croissant from the bakery, put on a beret, and close your eyes, (most important step.)  You can even pretend it is a bistro table in France!  C'est la vie!  (Oh I scare myself sometimes how I think.)