Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Stink!

This is so hard and so frustrating!  Hard edges, soft edges, loose paint, high chroma, values, shadows....all of these are on my dirty words list to me today!  Is there such a thing as death by pallet knife?  That’s probably why mine is so stinkin little!  Self preservation.  Oh the pains of it all....I think I will just take my pallet knives into the kitchen and make cooking tools out of them, or give them to a small child to use as a Barbie pie slicer/server.  My turpentine I will use for a charcoal lighter fluid should I ever decide to barbecue.   I will use all my paint brushes as some kind of barbecue brushes and my paint I will...I will...I will think of something.  For now, I am going to play Wipeout on my canvas with my FAVORITE artist tool....Viva paper towels!  Nuff said!