Sunday, August 11, 2013

Growing up is not for Sissies!

Finding the nest empty is not as bad as I once thought and even though the birds have flown the nest, they still come back to visit and call most days.  Asking The Father of all mankind to make me whole and feel at peace turns out to require a little work on my part…so here I go.  On to the new next part of life.  

Art was and still is part of my soul.  Who put it there?  It had to be a gift or a curse from the Almighty?  A curse because you are driven to do something that can take away from the hectic chores of life that become a necessity to keep the wheel of life rolling.  Each day passes and you feel slighted that you didn’t create that great masterpiece in your brain waiting to be discovered.  Time passes and you think you have plenty of it, until one day standing is not as easy to do for hours upon time at an easel and the joints in your fingers are achey with arthritis you didn’t have twenty years ago when you should have painted but thought your time was too limited.  Now, you look around at all the young, hip, edgy artists who are painting gross bizarre images of dead babies and distorted visions of their life and you ask yourself, “Have I waited too long to start?”  When all you can think to paint is a stupid tea pot with roses or lake with a sailboat.  What do people really want from a painting?  Where do I begin?