Saturday, August 17, 2013

Finding the Right One.

Finding the right composition turns out to be maybe more complicated than finding the right husband!  Fortunately for me I did find the right husband and he hauled me around all day looking for the right matter to paint. He's a saint, but that's a whole other blog I could write. We took probably a few thousand photos, thank goodness for digital cameras, and put several hundred miles on our car.  Somehow, I know without even looking none of them are Mr. Right.  Seems like some things just happen by accident or the fates align.  I really want to paint people in fun places and I come across as a predator when I try to sneak up on them and take my winning shot.  In most cases those turn out blurred and too fuzzy to even make me remember the lovely original I thought I saw or like the one above skewed and awkward.  What was I thinking?  Hmmmmm.