Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Are Never Too...

Recently, four very sweet men who are a part of Yoda's many art classes, celebrated their artist flair with an art show at The Pallet Restaurant in Tulsa.  They called it, "The Four Amigos," and a large crowd attended to view their art, sip wine and enjoy hors dourness.  These four characters are so much fun to get to paint along with and enjoy their friendship as well as talents.

For this middle aged, well maybe middle aged and then some, it is a real breath of fresh air to know that you can enjoy your passion well into the retirement years.  These guys have been best buddies for years, even a couple of them went to the same elementary school together.  Imagine how fun it is for those of us so lucky to listen as they reminise about girls and all the fun of their childhood many years ago.

Today, one of my favorites asked me to tell him about my iPhone because he wants to learn to email from a phone and have the capability to send photos to friends.  D.P. is well up there in years and I love it that he wants to learn and has the bravery to explore the technology out there.  So, today I salute you D.P. and your journey, as well as the witness you are to the rest of us, who only pray to smile as bright and live as well as you.  You are an inspiration as well as a TRUE artist!  BRAVO!!

D.P. and Yoda (Ross Myers)