Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And The Winner Is???

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  I always did want to say that…

The truth is, this contest could not have been more difficult to choose a winner had we set it up for failure.  Each entry was unique in its own way and I enjoyed them all.  To me, they are all winners.

Some entries were fabulous photos, and even though they may not be the best for a painting, who am I to say?  We all know my choices in compositions are not always spot on.  They received reviews in all categories and were really admired for different things.

A group of fellow artist, chosen by me, poured over the photos to lend a hand at choosing a winner. What I did not count on was that not one of my peers (judges) choose the same photo.  So I narrowed it down to 15 photos and even then still no one choose the same one as their top choice.  Not even for their second choice!  An interesting dilemma to be sure.

So, who gets the painting?

We considered a drawing, but that seemed a little unfair to randomly select a name.  Then it was suggested to me to let my viewers decide, and that is what we are going to do.

The top 15 photos selected will be posted online soon and the image with the most likes wins!  
To make it even better, you have your choice of prizes this time.  

You may choose the framed painting offered in the contest as before, as seen below.

 Or you may choose a canvas giclee inspired by your winning photo!


The image with the most Facebook "likes" will be the winner.