Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Workshop With Artist Kelli Folsom

Last week, despite the cold I have been battling, I was proud to be included in a workshop held by Oklahoma artist, Kelli Folsom.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Lyme, Connecticut.

Kelli's Painting, "Afternoon Chrysanthemums" is a finalist in this years THE ARTIST Magazine's Annual Art Competition and also a finalist in SOUTHWEST ART Magazine's "Artistic Excellence Competition.  Great honors in the art field.  

This is my second time to study under Kelli and each time I come away with incredible amounts of knowledge that helps me to improve my work as an artist and continue my study of impressionism.  

Not to mention a beautiful painting she gifted to me and a painting I accomplished on my own, both I will share at a later date.

Thank you Kelli for your willingness to share and teach the rest of us in our quest.