Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Greetings and Happy 2014 to You!

Welcome to a New Year with Linda Dunbar Fine Art, and a more dedicated push to improve myself as an artist and be a more easy going person and friend.  

This year is going to be about setting goals and reaching them.  If not reaching them all, then accepting myself for where I am and going with it.  

In upcoming blogs I will be sharing those goals.  It is important for me to begin enjoying the process and appreciating the effort.  Making Art is difficult and involves skills that can be learned as well as improved.  

The learning process for me is realizing that I need to relax and be aware of the the present situation I am in.  Appreciate the chances I have to learn from others and paint with them.  All things must come to an end, but who would ever want to graduate and no longer be with others who enjoy the arts and appreciate the work each other does?  

So, whatever is your passion or whatever you want to learn, my wish is that you will slow down and enjoy the journey with me.  That is the real lesson I am working on for myself this year.  Hope you have time to go there with me!